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Make America Late Again

Biden says latest executive order will rebuild 'backbone of America'

President Biden on Monday signed an executive order meant to increase federal procurement of U.S.-made goods, describing it as a step toward rebuilding the “backbone of America” and bolstering the middle class.“Today, we are getting to work to… Source: The Hill

Biden White House to resume COVID-19 briefings with health officials

The Biden White House announced it will resume regular briefings with public health experts focused on the response to the coronavirus pandemic, reviving an approach that had fizzled out during the Trump administration even… Source: The Hill

White House commits to sign language interpreter at every press briefing

White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced Monday that an American Sign Language interpreter will be a regular fixture at daily press briefings during the Biden administration.“As a part of this administration’s accessibility and inclusion… Source: The Hill

Poll finds 1 in 3 believe false claims voter fraud led to Biden win

A full third of Americans believe President Biden’s victory was the result of voter fraud, according to a Monmouth poll released Monday that underscores how false claims about the election and conspiracy theories have deeply circulated within the… Source: The Hill

Biden administration will look to expedite getting Tubman on $20 bill

The Biden administration is looking at ways to speed up the process of putting Harriet Tubman’s image on the $20 bill after the effort stalled under the Trump administration.”The Treasury Department is taking steps to resume efforts to put… Source: The Hill

Here are the executive actions Biden will take this week

Joe Biden will spend the second week of his presidency in much the same way he spent his first: signing a slew of executive actions intended to roll back certain Trump administration policies while implementing his own.Biden this week will… Source: The Hill

Biden expands on Obama ethics pledge

President Biden addressed concerns by government watchdog groups in the first days of his presidency by issuing an ethics pledge for administration officials that builds on an Obama-era policy for White House staffers.Biden’s executive order imposes… Source: The Hill

The Memo: Biden gambles that he can do it all

President Biden is seeking to push forward on multiple fronts right away, even as he grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.Biden has submitted an immigration reform plan to Congress already, and he aims to advance on other topics from climate… Source: The Hill

Biden and UK prime minister discuss NATO, multilateralism during call

President Biden on Saturday committed to strengthening the United States’ relationship to the United Kingdom and its other NATO allies in a phone call with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday. According to a readout of the call shared… Source: The Hill

Biden official withdraws last-minute Trump LGBT memo

President Biden’s administration on Friday revoked a last-minute memo issued by former President Trump’s Justice Department that sought to limit the scope of a landmark Supreme Court decision on workplace discrimination against the LGBTQ community.&… Source: The Hill

Fauci describes 'chilling' pressure on scientists in Trump era

Anthony Fauci, the federal government’s leading infectious disease expert, said it was “chilling” to see the pressure put on scientists during the Trump administration by officials seeking to project rosy messaging about the coronavirus.Fauci… Source: The Hill

Biden under pressure to deliver more COVID-19 shots

President Biden is facing pressure to aim even higher with his administration’s vaccine distribution goals, with experts noting his early push to deliver 100 million shots in 100 days does not differ dramatically from the current pace.The… Source: The Hill

Biden, Trudeau agree to meet next month

President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed to meet next month as Washington and Ottawa seek a reset in relations after four years of tension.Biden and Trudeau spoke over the phone Friday in Biden’s first call with a foreign… Source: The Hill