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What a shit show….

I’m not saying this because I lean conservative. I’m saying because the party is a freaking mess. It imploded after the Hillary loss. If you want to know the whole truth here it is….

A bunch of politicians that hold themselves in the highest regard (narcissists at their core and maybe a step above a suburban real estate agent) relied on baseline mediocre support staff to win an election where the opposition was loaded with technology and data guys I happen to know. The truth is, those guys actually suck which speaks volumes to how totally OUT OF TOUCH the democrats are with how elections are won now.

All the crying and attacking of Donald Trump on the matter of Russian intervention and the further attack on Mark Zuckerberg look like an out of control nightmare with no boundaries or leadership.

Here is how it went down:

  1. GOP supported party candidates and things were going to be real
  2. Donald Trump was working
  3. Things got weird
  4. Pandering to the Steve K. Bannon segment worked because it was a legitimate under represented group that came out to vote
  5. Data was delivered and consumed at the GOP CTO and IT people
  6. Data was used to go hard guns at Penn and Wisconsin. That data was in part from Facebook but in and of itself DID NOT win the election, it supported maybe an opportunity
  7. “Russian” intervention came in the form of SEM and Ad Platform support and manipulation. Those guys are better than our domestic technology guys because over the last f-ing 20 years our educational system has gone to the crap can and no leader, Dem or GOP has done anything to support its growth.
    1. Russian refers to former eastern block countries. Having work with and in many of them, I can tell you, we do not have domestics that can compete with the sheer drive and determination of a hired gun from one of these countries. We don’t teach this kind of focus.

So there I said it. This is how it happened. Hillary’s win looked like a done deal but in the current age, there are NOT guarantees. Furthermore, if you don’t believe the above or you don’t understand it, your far too old in a culture that is aging out people in their late 40’s! Welcome to a new world.