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Posts published in “Make America Late Again”

Coronavirus response reveals deep fractures in global partnerships

The fractured global response to the coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the shortcomings of international collaboration as world leaders point fingers and struggle to formulate a unified response to a once-in-a-generation health… Source: The Hill

Trump sees USNS Comfort off as it departs for New York

President Trump on Saturday saw the USNS Comfort off as it departed Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia for New York City, where it will serve as an emergency hospital for the city’s coronavirus patients. “Our country is at war with an… Source: The Hill

Cuomo: Trump approved four new sites for emergency medical facilities

President Trump has approved four new facilities in New York to serve as temporary hospitals, a move that provides the state an additional 4,000 hospital beds as it grapples with an exploding coronavirus outbreak.“The president approved four new… Source: The Hill

Trump orders US troops back to active duty for coronavirus response

President Trump signed an executive order on Friday that allows the Pentagon to mobilize former U.S. troops and members of the National Guard to help supplement troops already being used to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the country.Trump’s… Source: The Hill

Trump to reporter pressing him about ventilators: 'Don't be a cutie pie'

President Trump shot back at a reporter pressing him about the availability of ventilators, telling him to not “be a cutie pie.”The exchange occurred at a White House press conference Friday regarding the administration’s coronavirus response. … Source: The Hill

Trump digs in on criticism of Democratic governors

President Trump on Friday blasted Democratic governors in Washington and Michigan for criticizing the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, bemoaning that they had not offered appreciation for his efforts.The president has… Source: The Hill

Trump names new Defense Production Act coordinator for coronavirus fight

President Trump said Friday that White House trade adviser Peter Navarro would become the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator for the federal government as the administration seeks to combat the coronavirus pandemic.Trump made… Source: The Hill

Federal student loan payments to be suspended for six months

A measure that will suspend federal student loan payments for six months is part of the sweeping coronavirus stimulus package that President Trump signed into law Friday afternoon. As part of the legislation intended to blunt the economic… Source: The Hill

Census bureau warns of scam tying responses to stimulus checks

The Census Bureau issued a statement on Saturday responding to a rash of social media posts claiming that responses to the Census could make Americans eligible for stimulus checks issued by the government.The Associated Press reported Monday that… Source: The Hill

Trump: US decision on Olympics will be guided by Japan's prime minister

President Trump on Monday said that the United States’ decision on whether to participate in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be “guided by the wishes” of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. The president said in an early-morning… Source: The Hill

Trump: 'We can't let the cure be worse than the problem itself'

President Trump is suggesting he might lift restrictions intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus if the economic pain from the measures becomes too great, tweeting that “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. “WE CANNOT… Source: The Hill

Pence, second lady test negative for coronavirus

Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, have tested negative for coronavirus, according to a statement tweeted by the vice president’s press secretary Katie Miller on Saturday evening. “Please to report that the COVID-19 test… Source: The Hill

DOJ appeals to Congress for new emergency powers amid pandemic

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked Congress for a slew of new emergency powers, according to documents obtained and reviewed by Politico.The requests come as the federal government tries to combat the coronavirus pandemic which has sickened… Source: The Hill