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Biden adviser says Putin 'major beneficiary' if Speaker Johnson fails to have Ukraine aid vote

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Russian President Vladimir Putin would turn out to be the “major beneficiary” if Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) does not bring a bill funding Ukraine to the floor.

CNN anchor Dana Bash asked Sullivan on “State of the Union” on Sunday whether he agreed with the White House accusing Johnson of “siding with Putin” over not bringing a Ukraine aid bill to the House floor. Sullivan suggested that Putin would benefit as a result.

“The reality is that Putin gains every day that Ukraine does not get the resources it needs and Ukraine suffers. And there is a strong bipartisan majority in the House standing ready to pass this bill if it comes to the floor, and that decision rests on the shoulders of one person and history is watching whether Speaker Johnson will put that bill on the floor,” Sullivan said.

“If he does, it will pass, will get Ukraine what it needs for Ukraine to succeed. If he doesn’t, then we will not be able to give Ukraine the tools required for it to stand up to Russia and Putin will be the major beneficiary of that,” he added.

The White House has criticized House Republicans for their reluctance to take up a bill approving aid for Ukraine despite bipartisan support in the Senate. The Senate had unveiled a bipartisan border deal earlier this month that included funding for Ukraine, Israel and Indo-Pacific allies, but Johnson declared it dead on arrival.

The Senate later passed a bill that also included funding for Ukraine and Israel, but Johnson rejected the deal because it lacked border provisions. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has pleaded with Johnson to pass Ukraine aid and “do the right thing.”

Source: The Hill

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