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Biden approval rating mired at historic low: Gallup

President Biden’s approval rating average is lower than any other president in recent history at the same point in their time in the White House, data released Friday found.

The president averaged 38.7 percent job approval in his 13th quarter in office, which ran from Jan. 20 to April 19, according to averages aggregated by Gallup.

In the same quarter, former President Trump had a 46.8 percent approval rating average; former President Obama’s was 45.9 percent and former President George W. Bush’s was 51 percent, according to Gallup.

The second-lowest to Biden’s in that time was former President George H.W. Bush, who had a 41.8 percent mark.

The highest 13th-quarter number was former President Eisenhower, who had a 73.2 approval rating average at that point in 1956.

Gallup’s latest poll to add to the average, which was conducted in April, found Biden’s approval rating at 38 percent. In March, Gallup’s poll found him with a 40 percent approval, and in February, 38 percent.

While Biden has faced a consistently low approval rating, one survey earlier this month showed it was recovering: A poll from Financial Times and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business found Biden’s approval rating at 43 percent, which is the highest since November and marks a 4-point increase from the same poll in March. 

Source: The Hill

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