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Biden celebrates son Hunter's birthday at swanky LA restaurant

President Biden joined family at a swanky Los Angeles restaurant on Sunday, in celebration of his son Hunter’s 54th birthday.

Biden joined his son, Hunter, and his grandson, Beau, at the Ivy restaurant on Sunday. Biden spoke with other restaurant patrons seated outside and embraced his son outside of the restaurant.

Hunter Biden has long had a close relationship with his father, whom Hunter credits with saving his life as he spent years struggling with addiction.

Hunter Biden has also come under intense media scrutiny in the past year, as he became the focus of congressional Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden, and as he faced felony tax-related charges stemming from special counsel David Weiss.

In late 2023, Hunter Biden said GOP leaders “weaponized my dad’s love for me and turned his greatest strengths — his compassion, his empathy, his authenticity — into evidence of corrupt complicity.”

He said he was committed to defending his father against attacks, saying, “My mistakes are in spite of him — not a reflection of him.”

Source: The Hill

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