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Biden: Trump’s rhetoric ‘not America’s’ after he shared video referencing ‘unified Reich’

President Biden said that former President Trump’s language isn’t representative of the United States after the former president shared a video on social media referencing a “unified Reich.”

Biden’s reelection campaign released a video that displays the president watching and reacting to the video Trump shared to his Truth Social page Monday night that featured hypothetical headlines about his potential victory in November, including one that referenced a “unified Reich.”

“This on his official account? Wow,” Biden said in the video. “A unified Reich? That’s Hilter’s language, that’s not America’s. He cares about holding onto power. I care about you.”

The Biden campaign, White House, and Vice President Harris also bashed the video earlier on Tuesday. The video, which was not created by the Trump campaign, was taken down Tuesday morning.

Biden referenced it on Tuesday evening during a fundraising event in Boston, during which he called Trump, “a little unhinged.”

“Yesterday, his campaign posted online about if he wins it’ll be a unified Reich — like the third Reich. This is the same guy that uses Hitler’s language, not America’s,” the president said.

He added, “It’s no surprise that when he, about four months ago, he talked about — I think maybe a little longer — that Hitler did some quote some good things.”

Biden was referring to conversations former Trump White House chief of staff John Kelly recounted, where Trump spoke favorably about Adolf Hitler and said he had done “some good things.” Kelly spoke about the conversations in an interview with CNN in March.

Source: The Hill

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