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Biden wins Colorado Democratic primary

President Biden won Colorado’s Democratic primary, according to a projection from Decision Desk HQ. 

Biden easily won over his long-shot challengers Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) and Marianne Williamson, who recently unsuspended her 2024 bid, on the Centennial State’s Democratic ballot, extending his dominance as the front-runner for the party nomination.

The incumbent is running for another four years and faces a possible general election match-up with Trump. 

A Colorado court in December knocked Trump off the Republican primary ballot, but the Supreme Court on Monday reversed the move, ruling that states could not bar candidates from the ballot under the 14th Amendment.

The move was widely expected after the justices on the high court last month signaled reluctance to disqualify Trump from the ballot. Colorado had argued that Trump could be removed under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection clause,” insisting that he violated his oath in engaging in insurrection.

Colorado is one of more than a dozen states holding presidential nominating events on Super Tuesday, and 87 delegates were up for grabs in the state on the Democratic side. 

A January survey from The Rocky Mountaineer found Biden beating Trump by 8 points among registered Colorado voters in a hypothetical general election match-up in Colorado. 

Source: The Hill

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