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Bidens, Harris, Emhoff to meet with health care providers at abortion rights rally

President Biden will meet with health care providers for a discussion on abortion rights after the end of Roe v. Wade while in Virginia for a reelection campaign rally.

Biden will be joined by Vice President Harris, first lady Jill Biden, and second gentleman Emhoff after the rally for a private discussion with providers, which will also include leaders from reproductive rights groups, according to the reelection campaign.

Biden will also meet privately with Amanda Zurawski, who was one of five women last year who sued Texas for denying them an abortion while facing pregnancy complications. When she was told her baby would not survive but had a heartbeat, doctors told her they couldn’t provide care. When she went septic, the hospital agreed that she was ill enough to induce labor and she delivered her child, who passed away. 

At the rally, the Bidens, Harris, and Emhoff will deliver remarks about “the stakes of the 2024 election on reproductive freedom to an audience of leaders and members of the reproductive rights groups, members of Congress, and grassroots supporters,” the campaign announced.

The rally and discussion will take place in Northern Virginia to highlight that in 2023, Democrats retained the Senate and flipped the state House to blue and “rejected” Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R) effort to put in place restrictions to abortion access. Biden won Virginia in 2020, beating former President Trump.

Biden at the rally will discuss the impact on women in states with abortion restrictions or bans the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade had. The president gave remarks on Monday also highlighting the “cruel reality” the end of Roe left for women in the U.S.

Harris at the rally will discuss so-called MAGA Republicans attacks on reproductive freedoms. She gave remarks on Monday trying Trump directly to the end of Roe v. Wade in Wisconsin, a key battleground state in 2024.

Biden’s reelection campaign on Monday dropped an ad featuring a Dr. Austin Dennard, an OB-GYN in Texas and mother of three who couldn’t receive an abortion in Texas. Dennard, who narrated the ad, placed the blame squarely on Trump for the situation she was in.

Source: The Hill

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