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Bidens report nearly $620K in income, Harris and her husband report over $450K

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden made a combined income of $619,976 last year, and Vice President Harris and her husband made $450,299, according to the couples’ 2023 tax returns the White House released Monday.

The president and his wife paid an effective federal income tax rate of 23.7 percent, the documents showed, and paid a total of $146,629 in federal income tax.

The annual salary of a president is $400,000, and Jill Biden works as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, from which she made $85,985.

“Once again demonstrating his commitment to being transparent with the American people, President Biden has released the most tax returns of any commander-in-chief while in office,” according to the White House, which added that Biden has shared a total of 26 years of tax returns.

Biden’s expected opponent in this fall’s election, former President Trump, notably has refused to release his tax returns in a break with precedent.

The president and first lady paid $181,086 in combined federal, Delaware, and Virginia income taxes. In addition to their federal income tax, they reported paying $30,908 in Delaware income tax, and the first lady paid $3,549 in Virginia income tax as a result of her job in the commonwealth.

The Bidens donated $20,477 across 17 charities, with one of the largest contributions being a $5,000 gift to Beau Biden Foundation, which is the same amount they gave to the charity over the past two years. The foundation, named after the president’s late son, focuses on protecting children from the threat of abuse.

They also donated $5,000 to the Women’s Wellness Space. The couple also gives to St. Joseph on the Brandywine, their parish in Wilmington, Del.; to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors and the National Fraternal Order of Police Foundation.

Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, had a combined income of $450,299 in 2023, according to their tax returns released Monday. The documents show the second couple paid an effective federal income tax rate of 19.7 percent and paid $88,570 in federal income tax.

The couple paid $15,167 in California income tax and Emhoff paid $11,599 in District of Columbia income tax for his work teaching at Georgetown University, where he was paid $174,994 in 2023.

They contributed $23,026 to charity in 2023, including $5,000 to Howard University, where Harris went to college, and $5,000 to California State University Northridge, where Emhoff went to college.

Additionally, they gave $5,000 to the University of Southern California, where Emhoff went to law school, and $2,500 DC Central Kitchen, a community kitchen in Washington.

In 2022, the Bidens made a combined income of $579,514 and paid an effective federal income tax of 23.8 percent. In 2021, the Bidens earned $610,702 with an effective federal income tax rate of 24.6 percent before taking office.

Harris and Emhoff in 2022 had a combined income of $456,918, paid an effective federal income tax rate of 20.5 percent and paid $93,570 in federal income tax. 

In 2021, the second couple had a combined income of $1,655,563 and paid an effective federal income tax rate of 31.6 percent. At the time, Emhoff earned $582,543 for his work as a lawyer at the law firms DLA Piper and Venable, which he left early in 2021 when Harris was sworn in as vice president.

Source: The Hill

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