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Buttigieg calls out Boebert over infrastructure post

Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg called out Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) on Wednesday for taking credit for securing federal funding for a bridge in her district when, in fact, she voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill that funded the project.

“Great meeting with Glenwood Springs City Councilor and former Mayor Jonathan Godes,” Boebert posted on X, attaching a photo with the city councilor.

“We have secured over $51.4 million for the South Bridge,” Boebert continued, saying she “was thrilled to hear about nearly $30 million in costs savings in addition and that my support has helped make this project a reality.”

Buttigieg fired back and pressed Boebert to elaborate on her support.

“Congresswoman, in what way do you believe that your support helped this project?” Buttigieg said on X Wednesday, reposting Boebert’s original post.

“We chose it because it’s a good project, and funded it using President Biden’s infrastructure package, which you voted against,” he added.

The official White House account on X similarly highlighted Boebert’s post and wrote, “One thing about Congressional Republicans…they’re going to take credit for investments they voted against.”

The Hill has reached out to Boebert for comment.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill has been one of the Biden administration’s signature achievements, with $454 billion dedicated to projects in state and local governments, amounting to more than 56,000 projects that have been awarded funding.

The administration has often called out Republicans who voted against the bipartisan bill but who later claimed credit for it.

Source: The Hill

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