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Graham implores Biden to 'go to the border’ amid migrant crisis

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) called on President Biden to get his “ass” out of the White House and go to the U.S. southern border, which has drawn fresh attention as the end of the Title 42 immigration policy hangs in the balance.

“It is so unconscionable for him not to go to the border and listen to the agents and people trying to control the border, what life is like along the southern border,” he said on Fox News on Thursday. “The fact that he doesn’t go shows to me that he’s disconnected and he does not give a damn.”

“Get your ass outta the White House and go to the border,” Graham added.

Biden has been under fire from Republicans for months because he has not visited the southern border amid the migrant crisis.

Title 42, implemented at the start of the pandemic, allows for migrants to be quickly expelled at the border without asylum processing. It was set to end Wednesday. The Supreme Court issued an administrative stay to temporary halt the policy’s end after 19 GOP-led states initiated court action.

The Senate on Thursday voted on an amendment to the end-of-year spending package to maintain Title 42, which failed 10-87 despite broad GOP support for the policy. The Senate then advanced the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package that the House will vote on on Friday morning. 

Graham urged Biden to reinstate Title 42, warning that without it more migrants will flood the border.

“And Title 42 is about to expire,” he continued. “President Biden could reinstate Title 42 deportation authority with the stroke of a pen. Every Democrat voted against extending it in the Senate. Every Republican voted for it. When Title 42 goes away as a deportation tool, you’re gonna double the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country in about a week.”

Meanwhile, the White House has tried to declare that the southern border is not open even if Title 42 ends. The administration is asking Congress for $3.5 billion in funding to help with the situation at the southern border.

Source: The Hill

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