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Harris: US has 'absolutely no intention' of sending troops to Israel or Gaza

Vice President Kamala Harris stressed the United States has “absolutely no intention” of sending troops to Israel or Gaza, when asked about the potential for US troops to be drawn into a war in the region.

“We have absolutely no intention nor do we have any plans to send combat troops into Israel or Gaza, period,” Harris said in a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday. 

Harris reiterated the position of the Biden administration that Israel has a right to defend itself but that Palestinians deserve “equal measures of safety and security.” She also stressed the importance to differentiate between Palestinians and Hamas, the latter of which perpetrated the attack and which is designated by the United States as a terrorist organization.  

“A terrorist organization, Hamas, slaughtered hundreds of young people at a concert. By most estimates, at least 1,400 Israelis are dead. Israel, without any question, has a right to defend itself,” Harris said. “That being said, it is very important that there be no conflation between Hamas and the Palestinians.” 

“The Palestinians deserve equal measures of safety and security, self-determination and dignity,” she continued. “And we have been very clear that the rules of war must be adhered to, and that there be humanitarian aid that flows.”

The interview showcased Harris’s close involvement in the administration’s response to the war in Israel and Gaza. In a statement reported by 60 Minutes, President Biden called Harris his “partner” in their response to the ongoing conflict. 

Harris also stressed the link between Ukraine and Israel in their respective fights against Russia and Hamas and denied the suggestion that the war in the Middle East could put Ukraine on the backburner, saying, “Not for us. No, it does not put them on the back burner at all.”

“We are as committed to Ukraine as we’ve always been, to authorize additional aid to defend itself against Russia’s unprovoked aggression. That is not going to waver,” she said. 

Source: The Hill

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