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Hispanic organizations call on Biden to reject ‘inhumane’ GOP border demands

A group of 18 major Hispanic advocacy organizations called on President Biden to reject Republican attempts to negotiate strict border security measures amid attempts to pass a supplemental foreign policy budget.

The organizations called the GOP demands “inhumane” and claimed they “threaten the safety and security” of Latinos in America.

The Biden administration has signaled it’s open to negotiating border security issues previously deemed off-limits amid a desire to pass a foreign aid package, which includes funding for Ukraine. The negotiation has pitted the White House against Senate Democrats.

Republican proposals include making applying for and receiving asylum at the border more difficult, implementing a “stay in Mexico” rule, allowing easier deportation and increasing the number of people in detention.

“It would be a stunning and deeply disappointing setback to witness this administration enact a law that could lead to a return to a pre-civil rights era of racial discrimination,” the letter from the advocacy organizations reads.

“Our families cannot and should not bear the burden and pay such a high price in these negotiations,” the letter continues. “These policies will not only significantly disrupt and undermine our economy and society, but they also run contrary to timeless American values and your own promises.”

Notable groups signed onto the letter include UnidosUS and the Hispanic Federation.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) made similar warnings to the White House last week, calling attempts to negotiate with Republicans on border issues a misstep.

“What we hear is on the table in these quote-unquote negotiations — a return to Trump-era policies — is not the fix, in fact it will make the problem worse,” Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) said. “Mass detention, gutting our asylum system. Title 42 on steroids. It is unconscionable. That is not the way to fix our immigration system.”

The White House also hasn’t consulted the influential Congressional groups on the negotiations, they said last week, adding more tension to the issue.

“That is a hard slap in the face to all the Latino and immigrant communities we represent,” Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said. “Imagine the administration trying to cut a deal on voting rights or civil rights without bringing any members of the Congressional Black Caucus to the table — that would never be tolerated. And we absolutely cannot tolerate this either.”

Attempts to negotiate a border security deal before the holiday break fell through, with talks anticipated to start again when Congress returns to session.

Source: The Hill

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