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NATO members 'very concerned' over US stability: Gen. Wesley Clark

(NewsNation) — Ahead of the 75th NATO Summit, member countries are keeping a close eye on American politics regarding what’s next for Ukraine, retired Gen. Wesley Clark said on “The Hill.”

The former NATO supreme allied commander said European member countries view former President Trump‘s potential handling of the war in Ukraine “dangerous” and “concerning.”

Clark explained that many previously viewed the United States as “stable,” but that reliable bedrock shifted under Trump’s presidency.

“They don’t trust him. They don’t understand why he’s saying this. They think it might have something to do with his relationship with Vladimir Putin,” Clark said. “They’re concerned, really worried, because, for us, NATO is an ocean away. For them, Russia is next door.”

Leaders vowed to supply Ukraine with weapons as the country enters its third year of war, with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg saying a “minimum baseline” for support efforts matches their previous yearly spending of $43 billion.

“Ukraine is not going to get an invitation to join NATO at this point, but Ukraine is gonna get a pledge of continued support with ammunition and so forth. … So it’s still a very positive outcome for Ukraine, I think,” Clark said.

The 32 member countries’ concerns come as dissent is growing in the Democratic Party, with President Joe Biden‘s health having the potential to overshadow the alliance’s message.

Stoltenberg sidestepped questions about the president’s mental acuity Friday, telling media: “What I can do and NATO can do is that we can focus on the substance of NATO. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.”

Clark called his response purely political.

“He doesn’t want to get into the internal politics of the United States at this point,” Clark said. “He’s just, he’s saying he’s got confidence in the United States, we’re gonna make important decisions.”

Source: The Hill

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