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Make America Late Again

Trump can't unilaterally end birthright citizenship, legal experts say

President Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship through executive order has struck legal scholars not only as wholly unconstitutional, but reminiscent of a pro-slavery Supreme Court ruling that dates back more than 160 years.“Dred Scott said… Source: The Hill

Birthright citizenship vow shows Trump doubling down on immigration gambit

President Trump is doubling down on his hard-line immigration stance in the final days before the midterm elections, revisiting a tried-and-tested plan he hopes will fire up his core supporters and get them to the polls on Election Day.Trump has… Source: The Hill

Denmark hits back at White House criticism

The Danish government is hitting back after the White House listed Denmark as an example of a failing socialist nation in its recently released report “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism.” Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen&… Source: The Hill

Pompeo discusses cooperation with Brazil’s 'Trump of the Tropics'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday discussed ways he plans to work with Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, the controversial right-wing populist who won around 55 percent of the vote after a volatile and… Source: The Hill

Bush tried to kill America Trump will finish the Job

it dawned on me this morning. Bush ended his term delivering the US the 2008 credit crisis which crush the US economy and killed consumer investing as the watched there savings disappear. Donald Trump has arrived to finish the job, destroy the US entirely. Trumps…

Trump points finger at media for 'division and hatred' plaguing US

President Trump on Sunday night cast blame on the “fake news” media for the “division and hatred” plaguing the U.S. after a week that saw an attempted bomber target prominent Democrats and a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.&… Source: The Hill