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White House rolls out new cancer initiative to help implement 'Moonshot'

Federal health officials on Monday outlined a new framework aimed at helping to implement the White House “Cancer Moonshot” initiative.

One of the main goals of the Moonshot initiative is to reduce cancer mortality by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years. To accomplish that, the new National Cancer Plan includes eight distinct goals to prevent cancer, reduce mortality and maximize quality of life for people living with it. 

The recommendations in the plan are written as broad aspirational statements and include pursuing new vaccines to prevent cancers, eliminating tobacco exposure and maximizing equitable access to proven treatments.

According to the Biden administration, the National Cancer Plan “provides a framework for everyone — across the federal government and all of society — to collaborate in ending cancer as we know it.”

President Biden last year pitched his revamped “Cancer Moonshot” initiative as a bipartisan pursuit with the goal of cutting cancer deaths in half in the next 25 years and improving the experience of those living with and surviving cancer. 

The White House has announced some funding opportunities as part of the Moonshot, but the National Cancer Plan announced Monday does not include any additional money.

Source: The Hill

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