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Bloomberg is the SHILL that enabled Biden

Mike, you were our mayor in NYC. I thought you did a fabulous job and extended myself to friends letting them know you would make a terrific leader.

I believe now that you participation in the election was expressly to put down Bernie Sanders, a social democrat that many elitist fear will come after the 1% for money. Where you leveraged your brand in NYC to get that money to roll in from willing and not so willing donors to improve this city, you let the American public down in your bid for President.

I believe what you did was deliberate and done to insure Bernie Sanders would not be elected. It’s likely this may happen now. We don’t get your leadership, We don’t get Bernie’s leadership and progressive ideas that help move this country ahead. We will now end up with Joe Biden, the sad aging leftovers from the elitist democratic party that wasn’t in touch with the country and it’s needs.

You F’d us Mike. Thanks, we won’t forget it.

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