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Bush tried to kill America Trump will finish the Job

it dawned on me this morning. Bush ended his term delivering the US the 2008 credit crisis which crush the US economy and killed consumer investing as the watched there savings disappear.

Donald Trump has arrived to finish the job, destroy the US entirely. Trumps plan? To make America great again, we need to destroy everything about our way of life and our economy, strip it down, take us back to using guns and hunting for food, bringing the kills to market on wagons to sell. Great plan!

Rational behind the argument?

Well, manufacturing belongs to China, it’s not coming back unless, like China, we can manipulate our currency and have our unskilled labor accept pennies per hour. Ain’t gonna happen, it’s a pipe dream.

So after careful and considerable Trump contemplation, the answer is to take the country back to a simpler time where men relied on their witts and skills were gained on the frontier not interning at Chase. His plan destroys the propped up false US economy, the one that builds value on the movement of dollars not product, and give lives back to unskilled labor that have not job prospects.

Destroy all AI efforts as the threaten meanal jobs Donald Trump needs to save.

The truth

America needs to do what is has done best since it’s creation, create! Innovate! Without the interference of outside or inside influence. America needs to apply education fast and furious to this problem and get off its ass and build. China figured out how to build but the still can’t create and innovate. They’re running out of ideas, they have factories but nothing  great to build.

Trade war with China is a JOKE! The US uses China as a resource, their people can’t afford our goods, their all poor!

Donald Trump is a pandering fool that is rivaled only by the media that uses him for ratings and the sad disaster Facebook has become betraying the country trust and feeding the manipulation of its citizens

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