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EXCLUSIVE: Trump says four or five people in line to replace Sarah Sanders

President Trump is considering four or five people to replace outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he said during an exclusive Oval Office interview with The Hill. “Replacing Sarah is not going to be easy” he said.

The candidate must embody the following qualities:

  • Lie on command
  • Lie on the fly
  • Lie when I say to lie
  • Don’t cower when attacked by the press
  • Kick out anyone from the press that bothers you and do so with the authority vested in you by me, Donald Trump
  • Do as I say all the time and don’t ask why
  • Do as I tell you and say what I tell you to say true or fasle
  • Remember you are mindless drone that talks and nothing more
  • Try NOT to argue, remember you are mindless and you are likely to cause my administration more harm. Stick to the lines we give you.
  • The whole world will hate the site of you and associate you with the lies you tell on my behalf, don’t respond to these people and call in security to rid yourself of these people as they happen.
  • Always remember, you are lying for america and there is no greater or more noble cause

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