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Fox News a dynamic daily comedy show

If it is not already clear and apparent to most of you Democrats (haters). We, the lovers of Fox News and the keeps of the RIGHT are here to explain the truth about Fox News.

Fox News isn’t actually news. It’s funny to see Dems watch the broadcast and cringe. Even more hilarious was Barak Obama’s reference to the anchors on Fox News coming from another planet. The joke is on the public that doesn’t understand Fox News.

So lets break it all down by host:

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson in my opinion is the worst of all the hosts. The Fox “News” as comedy needs to lose Tucker as he plays the straight man too well. He is actually far too interesting and argues far to well. His rational debates with guests and even temper is almost edgy in the context of this nightly comedic review.

Trucker, if you read this, you’re not funny enough for Fox News, you need a real Anchor position. You deserve one. Well actually, your Fox News position kind of ruined any credibility you may have had. The better play is to stay. One request, can you spice it up and little and lose the serious edge, it’s a buzz kill bro.


Geeky Girl with Blonde Hair

I don’t even know her name but how can not love her character. She’s kind of a geek but dresses proactively making her one giant conflict of womanhood. Her character  is granted some higher intelligence.




Kim Guilfoyle

Come on…. I don’t get it.
So you look at her on the show and you expect her to be, well, I don’t really know. Turns out she’s an intelligent woman, well educated. I don’t understand the character.  Perhaps she’s cast to throw the audience off or what if it’s to relate to the audience? What’s really great about Kim Guilfoyle is her dedication to her role on the show. As a highly qualified theme actress, she has dated Anthony Scaramucci but has moved to Donald Trump Jr. in recent. Really a downward move in the opinion of the Fans but hey, It’s comedy!


Sean Hanity

Likely this top rated comedian in the US right now posing as an anchor/host. The stunt he pulled on Keurig Coffee Makers was epic. As we watched him explain what he meant he was near laughter while in disbelief over how many of his viewers TOOK ACTION on his comedic delivery and good humor. People actually destroying a product that makes their lazy ass’s more productive in the workplace and at a home.

Oh well, that Keurig is history, honey can you grab me a beer…..

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