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I didn’t like Hillary Clinton

She called Americans deplorables at a dinner I certainly couldn’t attend. Was I a deplorable?

I’m more of a Bernie Bro, passed off at him for conceding in 2016 and that taking abuse from the Hillbits at the convention. Was I a deplorable?

Trump won and I saw Hillary in an interview suggesting we, the American people, were screwed! That wasn’t sour grapes, it was a clear message that this guy was a con artist loser that has fooled people for decades. A non-person.

I watched Hillary float on Twitter as Trumps true self emerged. I get it, but remember, Hillary didn’t win the election! This begs the question, why? In here lies a bigger truth!

Whether it’s Trump or Hillary, American leadership is disconnected from a citizen cohort that has grown larger year over year to the point it can now alter the control of this country. It is so powerful it can put in power a self promoting TV airtime seeking dumbass like Trump!

Now we have Joe. He’s not gonna make out there. He was put in place by thus elitist class who have forgotten about the unrepresented cohort. It’s another case of Bernie handing it over.

Every single asshole politician need to be removed from office this year. Vote them out. Those that coward under Trump, those that showed they couldn’t lead in time of crisis! They need to all go! We can’t forget they are public servant, if they don’t deliver value, they need to be removed. If they’re not representing, they need to be removed!


Trump was never the GOP candidate. He was a Bozo wild card. The Lincoln project tried to explain this to the American public!

If you look at leadership during the pandemic, it becomes clear that there never was a reasonable GOP candidate in 2016! Cruz? What a mindless seditious idiot sycophant tool! Rubio, what a small weasel and a run and hide baby man! I voted Republican in my past life when the best candidate was a clear choice in the presidential debates. There was no leader in 2016, only a name caller people fell for. They assigned value to that person because he was at the podium. GOP put him there.

You have to love Mitt Romney, he kicks ass! He’s not a pussy. As I said, I don’t lean right, but I can see a leader and a man, a leader who stands up in the face of a tyrant.


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