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I wanna be Paul Manafort

If you like money, how can you deny Paul Manafort.What an amazing guy. It’s unreal how well you can live in the US when you play international politician and undercover power broker to influence. I keep asking myself, how do I get into the business? I wanna be Paul….

I want to be Paul list of considerations and howto:

– Born into wealth. Well this is a deal breaker. Paul Manafort is the scion of a family construction empire

– You need to have the following on speed dial or at least in your contacts on your phone: Russian oligarchs, assorted dictators, and the former Ukrainian President backed by Vladimir Putin.

– He speaks a number of foreign languages. If you didn’t take a language in school and then perfect it, you can’t be Paul. I took Spanish in high school, two years! Oh, wait, not so hot here cause I needed to take Russian. Damn.

– You need some powerful friends. You can achieve this but in order to get there you’ll need contacts and some kind of existing network. Yeah, well, I have a network but it’s the wrong network and if I asked my network for connections even remotely related they might laugh or worse just un-network me.

– Access to some political power. Yeah, not really right now. If I could get a “gun for hire” big data technology gig with the Dems for the next election and help them actually win like Trump did, I could.

– Jail time. Now this is the real problem with being Paul. Because he aligned with Donald Trump, he was a person of interest in Muller’s investigation and when that was used to collect information on him through Michael Cohen, well that was a mess.

Manafort’s grandfather migrated to Connecticut from Italy, and in 1919 founded a construction company that his father and three brothers built into Manafort Bros., a leading site development contractor in New Britain, a town of 73,000 near New Haven. In 1965, Paul Manafort Sr. was elected to the first of three terms as the Republican mayor of New Britain, and politics, rather than toiling at worksites, enthralled his teenage son. New Britain had a lot more Democrats than Republicans, but as his former parter and fellow Connecticut native, political consultant Roger Stone, told the Hartford Courant, Manafort Sr. “understood the Reagan Democrats before Reagan.”

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