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Reuters Lens on Iraq Hackers Targeting Gilead

As reported by
Exclusive: Iran-linked hackers recently targeted coronavirus drugmaker Gilead – sources

LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hackers linked to Iran have targeted staff at U.S. drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc in recent weeks, according to publicly-available web archives reviewed by Reuters and three cybersecurity researchers, as the company races to deploy a treatment for the COVID-19 virus.

OK, so let’s talk about ridiculous reporting and added NOISE that constantly bombards our news channels. This story is a worthless piece whereby Iran, Iraq, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, and you name it, are constantly “knocking” on our cyber security door. There is NO TARGETING, there’s just defense in cyber security, that’s how it works in the US. When you’re a country that outsources everything to emerging markets you need to be open to receiving data from around the world. On that note, people don’t realize that the best cyber filter or wall exists in China. Hey, that’s funny, I guess their tech is really the Great Wall of China :).

Let’s remember, for a moment, the John Podesta debacle. Do you know he was tricked in the same way this article suggests Gilead is being picked on. John was an idiot and didn’t have cyber security support, most of which, in his case, amounts to freaking TRAINING, a case of an old person getting punked! It’s embarrassing! So, here we have an article about a company, ClearSky, which really isn’t important and is likely a Reuters advertorial promotional piece to support ClearSky for some reason, telling us this forgery, like so many all over the planet comes from Iran, again, who cares it comes from Iran. For all we know, a server in Iran was hacked and it comes from the US! ClearSky wouldn’t know.

In one case, a fake email login page designed to steal passwords was sent in April to a top Gilead executive involved in legal and corporate affairs, according to an archived version on a website used to scan for malicious web addresses. Reuters was not able to determine whether the attack was successful.

HELLO, THIS SH!T happens literally all the time! Just ask Microsoft’s Office 365 one of the business worlds biggest attack vectors for fake login pages. It’s a joke.

Why would bother to publish this? What motive? Do they need readers, did they have a news gap and couldn’t fill it with anything reasonable.

This is a promo for ClearSky.

Ohad Zaidenberg, lead intelligence researcher at Israeli cybersecurity firm ClearSky, who closely tracks Iranian hacking activity and has investigated the attacks, said the attempt was part of an effort by an Iranian group to compromise email accounts of staff at the company using messages that impersonated journalists.

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