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Two leaders and a joker that kill their people and profit by it

The New York Tines headline reads

Jailed Saudis Seek Influence in Washington to Counter Crown Prince

It speaks to the use of US lobbyists by the OUTed set of the Saudi Royal Family to gain freedom from the crown prince Mohammad bin “Stalin” Salman. So you ask, why does this make America late again?

Now the US will watch as the two leaders, one known for killing his people as a public display of power in the town square and another through gross incompetence responding to a pandemic, likely do a deal to insure Mohammad bin “Stalin” Salman’s power while the Joker, Jered finds a way to weasel in a deal for himself. The “pressure” will turn into money inflow from Saudi or other benefits to just leave family issues alone. Best case, Mohammad bin Stalin Solman puts a hit on the lobbyists and does us all a favor.

Does anyone remember Khashoggi! Hello! This isn’t about power, it’s about idiotic selfish self promoting fake leadership in power.

Some are hiring lobbyists with links to the Trump administration, looking to build support at a time when the de facto Saudi ruler is beset by economic problems and criticism over human rights violations.

A former senior associate of the jailed Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud on Friday signed a $2 million agreement to retain Robert Stryk, a Washington-based lobbyist who is well connected in Trump administration foreign policy circles, to “advocate for the release” of the prince, according to a contract.

Last month, Barry Bennett, a lobbyist and Republican strategist who advised Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign, signed a client with links to an imprisoned prince who had been a top rival of Prince Mohammed’s.

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