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Who’s to Judge Jeanine Pirro

It’s said that Jeanine Pirro is in trouble at Fox for her recent comments made during her psycho idiotic opening pro trump narrative supporting rant that almost never represents news, but is often more a support for a failing presidency. Aside from this…

To apply some balance and equal time, Rachel Maddow, who I am not comparing to Pirro, is also a shill for the media network. She is able to deliver facts and doesn’t breach the decency ceiling in her opening rants but she’s still a sensationalist all the same. She too encourages hate in her reporting. Her trick is she looks credible/believable. The truth is, she’s like the rest of them, looking to capture ratings.

Back to the Judge:
This “show’s”, and I use that term loosely, opening spasm attempted to develop hate in a new way. It develops by referring to Omar, who is a practicing Muslim, Pirro said: “Think about it — Omar wears a hijab. Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

Now she makes an interesting point if you’re trying to rile up a bunch of uninformed viewers that don’t understand Islamic culture, the religion or ways. It’s highly offensive to the culturally educated that understand the reference and that the objective was to develop hate. Why? Opportunity, Pirro knows that parts of our country watch TV and see some of the barbaric Sharia Law practices demonstrated in some, but certainly not all Islamic nations (Saudi Arabia by far being the most visible). These viewers hear about stonings and beheadings in public squares (Saudi Arabia). On the subject of a women wearing a Hijab, one has nothing to do with the other. Such a rant on said topic would simply insight hate for hate’s sake. It ties together something innocuous like a Hijab, which harms no one and is a cultural/religious CLOTH to a much larger much more complicated problem of the corrupt use and bastardized application of Sharia Law as seen in Saudi Arabia. It’s a discussing use of the Fox Network, it’s a discussing use of our media, and it’s exactly what’s breaking down America. IT MAKES AMERICA LATE AGAIN! LATE TO BECOME INFORMED WORLD CITIZENS.

It is the last straw! I used to promote to my friends and family the viewing of 3 different news networks. Doing this allows a person to understand what’s really happening in the US.

Watching news crap you agree with doesn’t help you nor does it help the United States. What it does is make you feel better, maybe offering some validation that your thinking is right. If that’s happening, YOU’RE NOT THINKING! You are consuming. 

The US needs to boycott hate, hold Fox responsible, and send them a clear message.

It’s not enough to knock some bozo off the air for week, hell, I still don’t have the money to replace the Kerig I smashed after the Hannity (joke)

Fox needs a rating whack that hurts so badly they start curating their stream of content and the people delivering it.

The advertisers that left the judge are low level bottom feeders looking to snag a buck from “stupid America”.


NerdWallet – the old coupon crap sight begging to be considered a personal finance thing! Losers for losers! What a joke

Novo Nordis – pharma selling to the demographic, old angry TV watchers that likely are overweight and have diabetes. It’s fascinating how well they target the demographic

Letgo – it’s no eBay so, like, who cares. It’s probably a scam. It’s the Fox News demographic eBay like substitute. I think their SSL expired once cause the CEO forgot to renew it! Losers that should exit the market

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