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Posts published in “Make America Great Again”

The battle cry of the Trump campaign for president in 2016. The suggestion was the US was a huge mess. It’s a profound thought that really wasn’t a thought at all. It was minor league pandering and really Steve Bannon’s version of the Nazi playbook which worked!

Diamond and Silk

I don’t get it, it’s comedy right? Uh, is that real? Sometimes when I study Fox news I watch like one would watch SNL. The content seems at time to come from another planet but, as a world citizen, you can’t dismiss the view. It…

Make America Late Again

America has a responsibility to lead in the world what happens if we don’t? Make America Late Again is the brain child of political activists that believe the Donald Trump presidency, despite suggesting an upward economic and quality of life trajectory, is in fact moving…

Make America Great Again

The suggestion was and is that America was a mess and falling apart… Ah yes, the Stephen K. Bannon battle cry that sent the message to America it was broken. Stephen K. Bannon was not a genius but he was damn good at developing hate…

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