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Diamond and Silk

I don’t get it, it’s comedy right?

Uh, is that real? Sometimes when I study Fox news I watch like one would watch SNL. The content seems at time to come from another planet but, as a world citizen, you can’t dismiss the view. It is to say that, there are US citizens that consume this content and either accept it at face value without watching critically or simply watch Fox News because the content supports their underlying understanding of politics in this world. In here lies the problem. Everyone watches what “makes sense to them” not what challenges their understanding!

Here’s where Diamond and Silk come in

I don’t consider myself a complete idiot and nor should you. If it not already clear, Diamond and Silk like the entire line-up of Fox News is/are capitalizing on “comfort watching” Americans seeking to be programmed and not think through the challenge of TV viewing. Old school TV is out, mindless TV is in. The TV is now a device to tune out, subsequently, it would violate new TV watching norms if you either did not understand. Diamond and Silk are comfort TV for the people that need their programming. It’s that simple. They have read from and figured out the Fox News playbook and it works for them. Having watched their show, I understand what their doing but I’m not sure who their audience is exactly. I have observed middle class middle aged conservative white house wives watch and converse about Diamond and Silk which leads me to believe their viewing audience may not be a demographic they or the public really understand. Just saying…..

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