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Make America Great Again

The suggestion was and is that America was a mess and falling apart…

Ah yes, the Stephen K. Bannon battle cry that sent the message to America it was broken. Stephen K. Bannon was not a genius but he was damn good at developing hate and a buzz. The suggestion you are not happy or perhaps you don’t have what you should or what you feel you are entitled to is a strong sentiment to build a following. Some would call this pandering, in this case it was. The suggestion is, once the following is built on whatever the sentiment, 4 months down the road followers minds have been redirected 5 times and what drew them in doesn’t really matter anymore. The redirection is hate or anger based, there is always a cause, reason, and a finger to point. This is the real genius.

Stephen K. Bannon followed the Victor von Koerber playbook to develop Donald Trump. Like Victor von Koerber, Stephen K. Bannon was dispensed with when no longer needed. He has become a ranting fool, a has been for the annals of history.




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