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Make America Late Again

America has a responsibility to lead in the world
what happens if we don’t?

Make America Late Again is the brain child of political activists that believe the Donald Trump presidency, despite suggesting an upward economic and quality of life trajectory, is in fact moving the United States backward.

Times of Peace and Prosperity

Have you ever wondered why Peace and Prosperity are commonly seen together in context and in writing? It’s because, throughout time, people, by nature, have been at their best when given the chance to THINK. The premise is, peace and contentment bread creative thought. We can look to periods of time in the development of civilizations where basic needs were met to find creative and innovative works in both arts and the development of innovative tools and devices to enhance quality of life. Peace is the catalyst for positive change.

The United States Pays to Keep the Peace 

So, the truth is the United States has used financial vehicles, money, to keep the peace. Is it terrible? Well it is if you consider that in the US our infrastructure is rotting and our schools and education has deteriorated to all time lows. Are people angry? You’re damn right. How did it happen that while peace was a priority, the US and it’s people are suffering. How can it be that “money” is flowing everywhere but in the places it is needed most. I am NOT talking about into pockets of those on assistance expressly, this is about development dollars. Dollars that MAKE AMERICA GREAT… AGAIN….. Tapping this sentiment Donald Trump has built another silo of support that is very real. His delivery is angry, “We have a bad deal and no one else is pitching in”. The sentiment was used to describe the US’s involvement in the UN the the truth is, it extends outward to many other areas of International Policy.

Under Donal Trump’s leadership. The world needs to pony up. We have left the pay for peace role as world leaders and have joined everyone else at the same table to understand what happens now. It will be called a Trade War. It’s not really. It’s a refactoring of thinking among leaders of countries. Sadly, the big question is whether Donald Trump is the man to negotiate for the United States.

The United States has made some really bad deals…





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