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Donald Trump the Antichrist?

Make America Late Again examines whether Donald Trump is, in fact, not our leader to become “Great Again” but rather the Antichrist, a leader taking us to our doom. Will America be “Late Again”, or will it we all figure it out in time?

In a recent photo opportunity, we saw Donald Trump have protestors, the flock, forcibly moved to the side with both “fire” and “brimstone” to clear his path. Is there symbolism or a message in this scene for Christians to take heed?

Books are emerging that outline the connection between Donald Trump’s leadership and the ways he divides our nation bringing it to its knees. So corrupt is the administration and, perhaps all of US government both close to Trump and surrounding him, that we are witnessing either the end of days or the rebirth of nation into a more moral, equal and human place. This heavily depends on the people’s ability to understand and process the scenes before them and make sense of them, make determinations as to what direction we are going and to further act accordingly.

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