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Running From Responsibility

Like a company taking the opportunity to bundle bad news into a bad quarter, all those responsible for the Trump administration now hurry to remove themselves from the picture. There is a bigger picture here and most of America doesn’t see it. Once again, we’re LATE

Social Networks

Facebook – Gladly took dollars to promote Donald Trump during the 2016 election supported by data scientists and known misused Facebook user data. Facebook clearly knew and was aware that the Trump campaign was using this data to support highly targeted ad campaigns on its platform. It’s disgusting.

Twitter – What a freaking joke. Trump’s you boy when he enters the office and now he’s a criminal so take him off. Anyone that lives in NYC knew he was a criminal before he entered office. Twitter has played a supportive role in his gaslight control tactics from day one. Twitter needs to pay big time.

Hosting and Cloud Providers

Amazon and Bezos – I’m giving Amazon and Bezos a pass here. Amazon as a service that supports larger and larger portions of the Internet and content through their AWS EC2 cloud offering, Amazon performed as it was supposed to. Removing Parler from its cloud was not the worst thing whereby Parler was host to content that stoked flames of violence.

Amazon, like the social networks, was a contributor to promoting the prior administration and Parlor up and to this point. No one took an action until it was clear Donald was out. That’s not LEADERSHIP, that kind of punk loser like Twitter. Advice for the future, STAND THE F!!! UP!

Television Networks

Again, here we have a lot of runners in the final days of Donald Trump’s administration. Fox runs from the riot calling participants not their viewers. Shit heads like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson rush to find a narrative that fits and helps them keep their jobs and their viewers, all of which are also looking for an excuse to help rationalize what just happened.

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